Leg Endurance Advanced

Exercises:               Jumping Jacks (1st time only)
                                Jumping Lunges
                                In-Out Squats

Time:        Takes 9 minutes
                Jumping Lunges and In-Out Squats must 
                completed in under 6 minutes.
    start: 0:00-1:00 Perform as many jumping jacks as 
                                 you can in 1 minute. 
                                 (only required 1st time you
                                 attempt challenge.)

               1:00-3:00  Take a 2 minute Break. 
                                 Calculate number of in-out squats
                                 (150 - j.jacks = # in-out squats)

   Finish: 3:00-9:00  You have 6 minutes to complete
                                 50 jumping lunges and your
                                 calculated # of In-Out Squats.
                                 In-Out Squats # = (150 - # J.jacks)
                                 (ex: 50 j.jacks=100 In-out squats)

                                    Scored by best time from the 3min mark.
                                                both jumping lunges and in-out squats
                                                can be completed in any order 
                                                (you can alternate/mix reps)

Reps:         Jumping Lunges = 50
                 In Out squats = (150 - # J.jacks in 1st min)

1. Start from lunge position. 
2. Jump straight up in the air.
3. switch foot position while in air.
4. land with opposite foot position.
5. drop into lunge

1. start standing with feet shoulder width apart.
2. Jump up and move feet outward landing so feet are at least 2 feet apart
3. drop down into squat. 
4. jump up out of squat position moving feet together.
5. Land in starting position