Chest Break Challenge Round 2 
Men & Women

Upper Body Leaders

Upper Body Stations
Perform 1 exercise at a time. Each break between sets is timed.
Each break time cannot exceed the maximum allowed per set.
To beat each level the reps must be performed consecutively per set.

Timed Circuits
Perform 2 exercises per station. Each station is timed until completion.
The combined time from all stations is the player's final score.
To beat each level the final score must be under 6min per station
To own each level the final score must be under 4min per station

Wall of Fame
Beat all 5 Levels of Stations          Beat all 5 Levels of Circuits
-                                           -
-                                             -
-                                             -
-                                             - 
-                                                   - 


Stations Level 1

60 Second Breaks
      DB Bench
             Lying on Bench
             25lb DBs x 15reps (3 sets)
           15lb DBs x 15reps (3 sets)
      Incline Press
             Lying on bench
             55lb x 15reps
           45lb x 10reps  
    Seated Pushdown
            Horseshoe handle      
             80lb x 15reps
           40lb x 15reps 
Barbell Bench
             65lb x 15reps
           45lb x 10reps  
      Chest Flye
             70lb x 15reps
           30lb x 15reps 

Upper Body Workout Points